Achieve Superhuman Performance

Boogio is a smart insole wearable that fits perfectly in your shoe. It’s packed with sensors that give you real-time feedback about sports performance and your overall health.

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The Kit

Smart footwear device and app

Advanced wearable technology connected to your smartphone.

The most advanced footware device.
Boogio smart insoles are packed with sensors and processors to give you the most accurate reading of power and balance where ever you go.
Mobile app.
The Boogio app gives you a real-time view of your key performance metrics and lets your record and share your performances.
State of the art.
We've spent a decade of R&D perfecting Boogio. It's the most advanced smart insole available.
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Sports Performance

Insights to improve sports performance

The Boogio smart insoles gives athletes real-time data about their balance, power, & gait, all readily available in a mobile app.

Better golf swings.
By monitoring how the golfer's weight shifts and how the power distributes across the foot, the insert can give invaluable feedback that can help golfers improve their swing, stance, and overall game, leading to more precision, control, and distance on the golf course.
Faster baseball swings.
The insert tracks the balance, power, and weight distribution during each action, giving athletes and coaches insight into their performance and helping them identify areas for improvement. It can help fine-tune a pitcher's mound posture or a batter's box stance, leading to improved performance and reduced risk of injury.
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Prevention & recovery

Boogio can help prevent health issues from happening, and aid in recovery.

Fall prevention.
For elderly individuals or those with balance disorders, smart sole inserts can serve as a preventive measure against falls. These devices can monitor the wearer's gait, identifying anomalies and signs of instability.
Smart sole inserts can play a crucial role in the rehabilitation of patients recovering from lower limb injuries or surgeries. By tracking the patient's weight distribution, gait, and balance, healthcare professionals can monitor their progress and adjust treatment plans accordingly.
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Leading Product Specs

The Boogio Smart Insole Leads the Way

Motion Tracking
9-Axis Tracker
Force Sensors
1.5 Oz
Battery Life
24 hours+

Boogio For Athletes

Boogio can significantly enhance a golfer's performance by providing real-time data about the pressure distribution and rotational balance during their swing.
In baseball, the Boogio smart sole inserts can assist players by analyzing their batting footwork, pitching stance, and running mechanics.
Runners can gain real-time performance analysis on various terrains, accessing crucial data about their stride, balance, and force impact, ultimately optimizing their running technique and preventing injuries.
Basketball players can utilize Boogio to analyze and enhance their footwork, jump mechanics, and balance during rapid directional changes, facilitating superior agility, speed, and overall court performance.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Boogio have my foot size?
Yes, we have standard US sizes from women 5 to men 13.
I can't wait, how do I put Boogio on my shoes?
Once you unpacked the insoles, you pair them with your Boogio App and then you place them directly in your shoes for use. Boogio insoles are not that different from any other off-the-shelf insoles that exist on the market.
Do you ship internationally (outside the US)?
Currently, we only ship within the US.
What are the shipping options?
We use UPS and you will have the option to choose and pay for your preferred shipping option.
How long does the battery last?
The battery lasts over 24 hours of continuous use. However, it can be extended depending on the application use.
Can I wear Boogio with my favorite shoes?
Boogio can be worn comfortably with any closed shoe (e.g., sneakers, running shoes, sport shoes, etc.), but it is not comfortable with heels, sandals, or flip-flops.
How heavy are Boogio insoles?
Each insole weighs less than 100 grams.
How long do Boogio insoles last?
Similar to any footwear item, Boogio insoles' durability depends on the user's lifestyle (e.g., how many miles run per day) and how the user walks. They will comfortably last between 6-12 months under standard conditions.
How can I recharge my Boogio insoles?
Boogio insoles can be charged wirelessly. Just pop them out from the shoes and leave them over the provided charging station overnight.
Does Boogio work with any smartphone?
Yes, the Boogio App can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.
How can I clean my Boogio insoles?
The insoles, like any other insoles, can be cleaned with a wet cloth, footwear spray, or other related cleaning products. However, do not put them in a washing machine or dryer!